The History of the Little Florilège

The neighborhood store...on the internet!

The story begins in 2012 when we left Paris, our creative jobs, our friends, to settle in the South-West in Bordeaux, and start a family far from the tumult of Paris.

Our professional experience, our shared tastes for pretty things and beautiful interiors as well as the desire to work on our own naturally led us to imagine a project bringing together everything we loved, designed 100% by 4 hands, to remain faithful to our vision.

A welcoming universe, in accordance with our tastes and offering a refined selection of decorative objects, chosen not mainly for their commercial potential but because we simply found them beautiful! A place where you can walk and look for inspiration or browse, like a "neighborhood boutique" of decoration, on the internet...

We also buy on the internet...

To highlight this selection and stand out from the usual catalogs on the internet, we imagined a tailor-made website, where every detail, every interaction had to contribute to the desired experience.

Each product is tested, photographed by us, in our universe, the guarantee of an online store with a strong moral contract with our customers.

A large team of... 2 people!

Florence is responsible for imagining and directing the visual line of the catalog, sourcing and offering the first to unique products, unearthing creators and creating balanced associations.

Richard manages all the graphic, technical and customer relations aspects: Photographs, retouching, site design and shipping (Yes, you have to be creative to pack a shelf with porcelain bowls!).

This is how the company was created at the end of 2013 and the online store was opened in the first months of 2014.

7 years later, at the time of writing these lines, the bet seems to have been successful for several years:

We left Bordeaux in 2018 to settle in the countryside in the Lot department.

We have two wonderful children aged 4 and 8, who do not hesitate to “test” the products with great enthusiasm whenever possible!

Le Petit Florilège has grown a lot and we still work with the same fervor, in pairs and sometimes with part-time help for peak periods!

The future ?

We will continue to offer you a selection that delights you as much as we do and develop our "baby" in the same state of mind, and remain faithful to our values: Offer you pretty things, well presented, and maintain our approach of " little trader" who is the soul of the Petit Florilège!


The start of a career as a ready-to-wear designer. The bridges between clothing design and space planning are numerous, and it was after training in space planning and interior decoration at the École Boulle in Paris that Florence was able to carry out her reconversion project. .

With a universe that is both poetic and very delicate, always on the lookout for trends, Florence unearths treasures selected especially for the online store.


After several years in the graphic studio integrated into a women's ready-to-wear brand, it was in events that Richard developed his understanding of space and volumes in a company producing fashion shows for fashion designers. -weeks in Paris and New York.

With several strings to his bow, Richard works as a photographer and graphic designer while managing the daily logistics and shipments within the Petit Florilège.